Wedding idea for boutonnieres

October 23, 2018

Today I would like to show you some ideas for boutonnieres. Many of our grooms prefer to have very similar or same boutonnieres as their groomsmen, and we can easily make the groom's boutonnieres slightly different to make them a little bit more special by adding a pretty accent flower or changing the color of the main flower!



- Ranunculus boutonnieres


Ranunculus are very pretty flowers for boutonnieres as they have a nice size, soft and delicate look, and  importantly they are light! Here are some Ranunculus boutonniere examples which I made for my grooms.

 A slightly different designs with white Ranunculus, dusty blue Thistles, Lavenders, Lam's ears, white Spray roses, and various greens. 

White Ranunculus boutonnieres with white Lysimachias, Lavenders, dusty blue Thistles, Eucalyptus, and small Succulent for only groom. 

 White Ranunculus boutonnieres with blush Spray roses and Eucalyptus seeds and dollar silver Eucalyptus leaves.

 Simple boutonnieres with Ranunculus and Eucalyptus. White Ranunclus for groom and light pink Ranunculus for groomsmen. 

Peach Ranunculus boutonniere with small Zinnias, Celosia and seeded Eucalyptus.




- Spray rose boutonniere


Spray roses are much smaller and lighter than regular roses, so that Spray roses are one of the great flowers for the grooms who don't want to have anything big and heavy ones. By adding something cute flowers to match the brides' bouquets or your wedding color theme make them more special and prettier!



- Calla lily boutonniere


Calla lily has a modern and sophisticated look. If you would like to go with classic, clean and elegant wedding style, Calla lily boutonnieres are great one to go with!

 Calla lily boutonnieres with Astrantias, small Succulents and seeded Eucalyptus.



- Dahlia boutonniere


If you are going to have your wedding in Fall, Dahlias are definitely great flowers to have. Dahlias are usually medium to large size, but there are some very small Dahlias blooming in our local farms. These small Pompom Dahlias are really cute and only available in September through early October! 

 Small Pompon Dahlia boutonnieres with Astrantias, Lavenders, and seeded Eucalyptus.



- Succulent boutonnieres


Succulents are popular and pretty accent flowers for the all kinds of weddings. Succulent boutonnieres are very unique, masculine and earthy look. If you have a natural wedding style and you want to have a something different and fun boutonnieres, theses are the ones you should consider :)

 Succulent boutonnieres with Astrantias and seeded Eucalyptus.



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