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Bouquet Workshops

Wedding Bouquet-making with our StemSlider™  tool

What is the StemSlider™?


StemSlider is our innovative tool that allows you to create bouquets without using your hands. This tool is placed on a vase, enabling you to create bouquets like arranging centerpieces.

In this 3 hours bouquet workshop, you will learn how to create a wedding bouquet using the StemSlider with ease and stress-free!

What are the advantages of using the StemSlider™? 

  • Make bouquets FASTER and EASIER

  • Use BOTH hands!  (no need to hold flowers)

  • Precisely place flowers for beautiful bouquets from EVERY angle

  • Make several bouquets at once

  • Flowers stay in WATER during designing

  • Have your team assist, and you can adjust the arrangements anytime

  • Take breaks as needed 

  • Enjoy STRESS-FREE Bouquet-Making

Are you ready to learn how to create artistic bouquets quickly and effortlessly?

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